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Marketplace Safety Tools

1 min read — #Tinker #Facebook

A huge cross-organization initiative at Facebook Marketplace that I led the technical development of to create tools for safe Marketplace interactions.

What is this?

This was a project that I was involved in during my days at Meta Facebook Marketplace. One of the biggest problems we were facing Marketplace was the safety of its users. There were some robberies, scams, and even deaths, and so we started brainstorming ways to mitigate this.

One of the solutions was to create a suite of safety products while transcating on Marketplace, including sharable meetup plans, a safety check-in, live location sharing, and other tools.

The project ended up getting featured on the FB newsroom and some press outlets, which was pretty cool. It’s currently being developed on by the Trust & Safety team (unless they’ve re-orged again) with plans of turning Marketplace Safety into a fully-fledged team of its own.


Here’s a video showing the MVP of the product, which was shipped and launched in March 2021 to most people that use Marketplace.

Source code not available because it’s behind the walled gardens of Mark Zuckerberg — go figure!